Advanced Dental Technology Centennial

Speed & Comfort at Every Dental Appointment

Typically, you have to choose between a service being fast, comfortable, or personalized. Our patients make no such compromises at Shroff Dental Arts. This is due to advances in dental technology. It allows us to gather a lot of information quickly and turn it into custom treatment plans that we can then deliver with peak efficiency.

Digital Impressions with CEREC

CEREC is the system we use to provide one-visit all-ceramic dental crowns, and as part of it, we can take a fully digital impression of a patient’s mouth. It allows us to design the crown so it both fits and functions perfectly. This approach is much faster and less messy than the old way that involved taking a gooey impression. This advanced piece of technology gives us a more detailed and accurate result. 

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Soft Tissue Laser

While laser dentistry might sound like something straight from a sci-fi novel, it’s an everyday reality at Shroff Dental Arts. Using focused light energy, we can remove infected gum tissue, get rid of bacteria-filled plaque, and even fix a “gummy” smile while keeping the patient comfortable. Local anesthetic isn’t necessary most of the time because the laser is so gentle, and compared to traditional methods, the recovery time is much shorter and easier as well.

Intraoral Camera

When you come to see us for the first time, we’ll take a full set of intraoral photos at NO charge. These will allow us to give you a tour of your mouth and see it from the same perspective as our team. This makes it easy for YOU to tell us what you think your smile needs, and then we can guide you toward the treatments that are suited to your situation. Plus, we can also reveal how great your teeth look up close after completing a procedure!  

Digital X-rays

We are committed to providing the highest standard of oral care, which is why we proudly offer digital X-rays. This advanced technology not only reduces radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to traditional film X-rays, but it also delivers faster results, enhancing our ability to diagnose and treat conditions with unprecedented accuracy. Digital X-rays provide clearer, more detailed images, allowing us to spot issues earlier and plan treatments more effectively. By integrating digital radiography, we ensure a safer, quicker, and more comfortable experience for our patients, reflecting our dedication to their health and well-being.