Restorative Dentistry Centennial

Crucial Repairs for Your Damaged Teeth

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Even a well-maintained smile needs a little help over time. With a little accident, a tooth might develop a cavity, chip, or crack. We can easily repair your worn pearly whites so it looks like nothing was ever wrong with your teeth. Here at Shroff Dental Arts, our office will provide great restorative dentistry in Centennial designed just for you. To learn more, keep reading or schedule a visit soon!

Why Choose Shroff Dental Arts for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Fully Personalized Dental Crowns & Fillings
  • Same-Day CEREC Dental Crown® Technology
  • Dentist Who Listens to Your Needs

Dental Crowns

Illustration of a dental crown placed on tooth

A dental crown is essentially a cap for your damaged tooth. When placed over the topmost portion, it restores that area’s strength and stops further decay. The crown also blends seamlessly with your smile due to being shiny and tooth-colored. All of these effects are due to the cap’s material – high-quality zirconia.

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns & Restorations

Dentist picking up completed crown from CEREC machine

Dentists usually need two dental visits to place a dental crown. That being said, things are a bit different with CEREC same-day crowns. These can be milled and placed in just one appointment! To do so, Dr. Shroff will prepare your tooth before using a special scanner. The device will create a 3D image of the tooth that’s used to design the crown. From there, the CEREC machine will mill the restoration so we can place it right away.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Illustration of tooth colored fillings in lower arch

Many dentists once relied on metal fillings to treat cavities. These often had adverse side effects and stood out a lot. Today, our own office has a better option: tooth-colored fillings. They’re made of a composite resin that looks like enamel. As a result, they blend with surrounding teeth and don’t usually cause allergic reactions. Placing them typically doesn’t take that long, either. The entire process can be done in a one-hour dental visit.