Teeth Whitening Centennial

Brighter, Whiter, & Shinier Smiles

Most people really enjoy bright and shiny smiles. That’s only natural – pearly whites that live up to their nickname look pretty! Thankfully, you have the power to give your grin a lighter shade. All you need to do is undergo teeth whitening at Shroff Dental Arts. Read on to get more details or book a consultation visit soon.

Why Choose Shroff Dental Arts for Teeth Whitening?

  • In-Office & At-Home Whitening Options Available
  • Treatments Use the GLO® Whitening System
  • Cosmetic Dentist with 10+ Years of Experience

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Generally, any healthy adult can qualify for teeth whitening. It doesn’t have strict requirements for dental patients. Almost anyone with tooth stains or discoloration will benefit from the treatment. Otherwise, those who smoke, have poor oral hygiene, or eat dark-colored meals are ideal candidates.

All that said, teeth whitening can’t fix all tooth stains. It’s quite good for extrinsic ones – those caused by foods, drinks, and other outside elements. On the other hand, intrinsic stains beneath the enamel aren’t its specialty. You’d likely need a different cosmetic service for that issue.

How GLO® Teeth Whitening Works

How GLO® works typically depends on the type you get: in-office treatment or an at-home kit.

With the in-office treatment, Dr. Shroff and his team will perform the whitening. He’ll first start with a basic oral exam and tooth color measurement. After preparing your teeth, he’ll then put a special barrier on your gums. He and our staff will then brush the whitening gel onto your smile. Once you’ve had two sessions with this gel, you’ll have a whiter and brighter grin!

Meanwhile, the at-home GLO® whitening kit takes a bit more time. It’ll instruct you to wear a custom, gel-filled mouthpiece thrice daily for 8 minutes at a time. You’ll repeat this process for about seven days. When that’s done, your grin will be several shades lighter.